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Balau Decking

Lighter Colour Timber

Balau (1).jpg

Balau Decking

Balau is known as Selangan Batu or Bangkirai and is a good option if you prefer a lighter colour timber. Balau wood product has become increasingly popular as a highly weather resistant and stylish alternative to pressure treated pinewood. Balau is extremely stable and durable tropical hardwood originates from Southeast Asia.

Balau is one of Nature's most resilient hardwood and is well renowned for its resistantance to decay and insect attack properties making it the perfect timber for outdoor products. Little Pinholes can be found in some of the board as its add the characteristic of the Balau. Balau is Class 2 Hardwood. Janka rating about 7.6

Balau Decking sizes available:

- 70x19mm

- 90x19mm

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