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NATURE PLUS engineered Australian timbers are designed to suit and significantly enhance any home or apartment interior and lets you achieve the perfect look, include most popular Australian timber species: Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Brush Box, Blue Gum, Jarrah, Tassie Oak. Featuring a real Australian Hardwood surface in 192mm wide single plank, Nature Plus can achieve an ultra modern, minimalist, country style or traditional look with ease.

Engineering Timber

Size: 1810 x 192 x 15 mm

Engineering Timber Flooring1.jpg
Australian Jarrah
Engineering Timber Flooring2.jpg
Brush Box
Engineering Timber Flooring5.jpg
Blue Gum
Engineering Timber Flooring.jpg
Engineering Timber Flooring4.jpg
Tasmanian Oak
Engineering Timber Flooring3.jpg
Spotted Gum
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