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Only The Best Plywood.

High Quality Plywood

We currently offer 2 types of Plywood to choose from. Select from either CD Non-Structural Plywood made out of Radiata Pine Core and Face Back wood, or our high strength Formply manufactured from Australian Tasmanian Oak

Formply Plywood

Built to Last.

About Formply Plywood

F17 formply, certified and tested to AS6669 and manufactured from Australian Tasmanian Oak.  All products are produced using A bond glue for strength and water resistance.

Sizes available:

- 1800 x 1200'

- 2400 x 1200 (on Request)

Cd Non Structural

High Strength.

About CD Non Structural

Our CD Plywood is made out of Radiata Pine core and also face back. Our CD Plywood using A-Bond Glue and is Non Structural, however Structural grade is available via pre order.

Sizes available:

- 12mm

- 15mm

- 18mm

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