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Multi Purpose Sealing Tape.

VapourSeal Joist Protection Tape

Designed for permanent seals across many building applications. User friendly with a strong premium acrylic adhesive system makes the VapourSeal the best specialty tape on the Australian market.


2 Available Sizes - 50mm and 100mm Wide in 20 metre rolls


Joist Protection

VapourSeal protects your deck joists and framing for decades preventing water damage and rot from stealing years away from the longevity of the deck.


The 50mm width is the most popular size being used on 45mm joists, with a 2.5mm overlap on the edges. 100mm width is available for bearers and other widths can be provided upon request.


Vapour Permeable House Wraps

The high tack premium acrylic adhesive system allows the VapourSeal to seal and join Vapour Permeable House Wraps to the last the lifetime of the build. The tape ensures a permanent moisture and vapour seal is created. It is very user-friendly as you don't require a knife to cut the VapourSeal, nor have a paper backing to remove and clean up.


This makes it easy and safe to install on the building sites when on ladders or scaffolds. Using the VapourSeal will improve thermal efficiency by controlling airflow through the building envelope. 


Window Flashing 

VapourSeal has strong UV performance and temperature resistance allowing it to be an efficient flashing tape. This involves taping around the windows and rough openings to ensure a permanent seal to prevent water from entering the building envelope and acting as an air barrier.


It's important to install the VapourSeal correctly to ensure optimal performance and prevent rot and mold occuring.


Order your VaporSeal Joist Protection Tape

2 Available Sizes - 50mm and 100mm Wide in 20 metre rolls

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