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Premium Timber.

Structural Timber

We currently offer 2 types of structural timber to choose from. Select from either Treated Pine H3 Structural Timber or our high strength Merbau Structural Timber.

Treated Pine H3 Structural.jpg

Sizes available:

  • 240x45mm

  • 190x45mm

  • 140x45mm

  • 90x45mm

  • 70x45mm

  • 70x35mm

  • -90x90mm H4 Post

Treated Pine H3 Structural
Outdoor Application

H3 treatment allows timber to be used outside in an above ground application. H3 protects against moderate decay, borers and termites and can be used for cladding, fascia, pergolas and decking. Treatments appropriate for H3 level are CCA, ACQ, TanE and LOSP. MGP10 or F7 is the Minimum grade requirement for almost every projects.


Sizes available:

- 90x35mm

- 90x45mm FJLM

- 140x45mm FJLM

- 190x45mm FJLM

- 240x42mm Solid / FJLM

- 290x42mm Solid/ FJLM

- 90x90mm FJLM

- 115x115mm FJLM

- 135x135mm FJLM

- 190x190mm FJLM

Merbau Structural
High Strength Timber

Merbau grow in south east Asia. Most of the Merbau in Australian market is comes from Indonesia.  Our Merbau products comes from legal sources. Our Merbau is Kiln Dried. Merbau is very rich in Tannin, therefore Merbau will leech over time. 

Advantages of Merbau:

  • Merbau is one of the few bushfire resistant timber species that meets Australian Standard AS3959 (BAL29).

  • Merbau also naturally termite resistant. 

  • The Janka Hardness rating about 8.6.

  • Merbau is easy to work with as its very stable timber and durable.

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